Frequently Asked Questions

What does a PHOTO SENSEI interactive session look like?

The virtual classroom is split into two main parts:

- webcam area on the top
- a slide / screen sharing area on the bottom

You can change the classroom to your viewing preference. Decide to turn your camera on or off any time you like.

1. When you sign up we will ask you about the kind of session and the contents that you would like. If you're not sure, just indicate that during sign-up. We will always get back to you via email to discuss details. If this is your first session, this means we will already have a structure ready around your specific details and needs. Your tailor-made PHOTO SENSEI session.

2. After you signed up: With the confirmation email you will also receive an access link to your mentor's personal online training room. Our online space is similar to Zoom or other virtual meeting spaces that you might have experience with. Additionally it has a few teaching-related features that make it ideal to discuss photography.

3. The session: When you arrive for your session, the system will do a quick microphone test before you join the room. Inside the room you will meet your mentor and you can share your camera and screen.

What types of interactive sessions are there? 

Thisdepends on the topic and the type of session that you are interested in.

Presentation: Get a live presentation of a topic like image composition. You can ask questions any time during the session.  

Watch-and-learn: Look over the mentor's shoulder while they work in an app like Affinity Photo or Lightroom. Share your own screen with the presenter and get tips on how to improve your own game.

BYO: Bring your own photos to get input from a mentor. You can either share your screen or provide a link to your photos.

Q&A: You might already have a set of questions regarding a specific topic. Provide them upfront if possible, so the mentor can do research where necessary.

Mixed: Sessions can include a short 5-minute exploration at the beginning to shape the rest of the session.

How can I maximize the value I get from the session?

1. Be prepared: the tech.
All you'll need is a computer with a Chrome web browser.

2. Be prepared: the content.
If you have specific questions, it helps to write them down upfront. You can also make the questions available to the mentor upfront, so they have the chance to do some research for you.

3. Be in a quiet environment
Try to keep distractions at a minimum during the session.

4. Relax. We have instructed thousands of students in the course of many years. Face to face, over the phone and now via video sessions. We know that every student is different in their journey and we don't judge. No question is too small to be asked.

Can I book a session for a small group? How about a larger group?

Yes you can. We have experience in teaching groups of all sizes and mixed skill levels. Our online classroom works well for up to 15 participants. No matter if you want a session for two or if you want to book us for a remote session for your camera club. Contact us and we'll work out a custom arrangment and offer for you.

Can I gift a session to someone else?

Absolutely yes. When booking, provide your own email address and indicate that this is a gift for someone else. We'll get in touch to discuss details.

Do you offer ongoing packages or packages with multiple sessions?

Yes, we offer ongoing tuition in packages of 5, 10 or 20 sessions. Please contact us to discuss details.

Do you offer progress checks?

When booking your session, you can choose to add a 20-minute follow-up at a later date. We use this to check in on your progress and give you tips and small course corrections. Contact us for details.

Can the mentor control my computer?

No. We can not do anything on your computer. We can only show you our webcam, our slides and we can share a screen with you. You can also share your own screen with us. In this case we can see what you share, but we can never control your screen. You can always stop sharing any time.


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